1st Day: 1 June 2016


10:00 John Hobson, GW Research Ltd. (UK) Conference Opening

International Hemp Industry
(Chairman: John Hobson, GW Research Ltd. (UK))

10:10 Michael Carus, nova-Institut GmbH (DE) Overview on the European Hemp Industry
10:30 Rachele Invernizzi, 
South Hemp Tecno Srl. (IT)
Updates from Italian Hemp - Abstract here

Patrick Collins,
Azabu University (JP)


Makoto Matsumaru, Hempfoods Japan (JP)

Progress Towards Updating Japan's (American) Hemp Prohibition Law - Abstract here

11:35 Rohit Sharma,
Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IN)
Direction of Hemp Research in Reference to Indian Context
12:00 Oana Suciu, Hempflax Europe Srl. (RO) Hempflax in Romania - Growing and Processing Hemp - the Revival of a once successful Industry dormant for the last 25 Years - Abstract here
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

Agricultural - Varieties & Harvesting
(Chairwoman: Oana Suciu, Hempflax Europe Srl. (RO))

14:00 Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte,  Hanffaser Uckermark eG (DE) Results of the Crowdfunding Project for a Hempseed Harvesting Machine
(H.E.M.P.) & Overview of Hempfibre Factory
14:25 Anndrea Hermann,
The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting (CN)

Industrial Hemp Performance in North

Dakota - Abstract here


Claire Thouminot, FNPC (FR)

Hemp Breeding at FNPC

15:15 Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, CREA-CIN (IT) The Breeding Strategy in Italy to solve the critical Points of Industrial Hemp Production - Abstract here
15:35 Coffee Break
16:05 John McKay,
Colorado State University, (US)
Towards Research and Development of Hemp Genetics after US Prohibition
16:25 Davide Calzolari, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, (UCSC), (IT) Cannabis Threshing residue: A Source of High Added-Value Compounds - Abstract here

Composites & Bio-based Plastics
(Chairman: Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müssig, University of Applied Sciences, DE)


Professor Dr. Jörg Müssig,  Hochschule Bremen - University of Applied Sciences (DE)

Hans Gusovius,
ATB Potsdam (DE)

The Importance of Hemp Fibre Quality for Industrial Composite Applications

17:10 Pierre Rivard, 
Fibres Recherche Dévelopement (FRD) (FR)
Influence of Hemp Fibers and Shives Preparation on their Properties and correlations with Properties of Composite and Concrete - Abstract here


17:30 Michael Verhoeckx, Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda Hemp and Flax Fibers in Heavy Load Bearing Structures – Designing and Building the World’s First Biocomposite Bridges - Abstract here
17:50 Dr. Joachim Venus
Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) (DE)
Valorization of Hemp Residues in Fermentative Lactic Acid Production - Abstract here



2nd Day: 2 June 2016

International Hemp Industry - Part II
(Chairman: Mark Reinders, HempFlax BV (NL))


Tang Shouwei & Wang Yufu, Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CN)

Research and utilization of bast fiber crop as livestock forage in China & The present situation of study and producing of industrial hemp in China

Building and Construction
(Chairman: Mark Reinders, HempFlax BV (NL))

9:30 Sylvestre Bertucelli, 
Interchanvre (FR)

The Hemp Branch, a sustainable Branch for Building


Sissy Verspeek, Stichting Agrodome (NL)


Fred van der Burgh, Stichting Agrodome (NL)

The Developments and Solutions in the Hemp Building Market in the Netherlands
10:30 Coffee Break

(Chairwoman: Anndrea Hermann, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, (CA))


Dr. Stephan Piotrowski, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)


Martha Barth, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Sustainability Implications of Hemp Value


Hemp Food
(Chairwoman: Anndrea Hermann, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, (CA))

11:30 Daniel Kruse,
Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG (DE)

New Data on Hemp Food Market, EU

and North-America

11:55 Luis Sarmento, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Update on THC Guidance Values on Food

12:20 - 13:30 Lunch Break



Rafael Dulon,
Hempseed for superfood with ISCC+ sustainability certification
13:50 Michael Stoltz,  Functional Foods (USA) Functional Hemp Foods

(Chairman: Michael Carus, nova-Institut GmbH, Germany & Boris Banas, CBDepot, s.r.o., CZ)


Daniel Kruse,
Hemp Consult GmbH (DE)

Market Studies on CBD

Dr. Andreas Wuzik, NATECO2 GmbH & CO.KG (DE)

CO2 - Hemp Extraction & Opportunities

15:05 Coffee Break
15:35 Chris Hudalla, ProVerde Laboratories (USA) Using Supercritical Fluids for the Extraction, Analysis and Purification of Cannabis-/Hemp-based Natural Therapeutics - Abstract here

Boris Banas, 
CBDepot, s.r.o. (CZ)


Cannabis Extracts and Cannabidiol:

several legal Perspectives


Dr. Tanja Bagar

International Institute for Cannabinoids (SL)

Joscha Krauß
MH medical hemp GmbH (DE)

From Farm to Endproduct - The

Endocannabinoid System


Dr. Stuart Titus,
General Hemp (US)

CBD Cannabdiol - The short history, the current exploding market place, the incredible future potential, and Medical Marijuana Inc.'s leading role