Preliminary Programme

1st day of the conference (10-18h)


  • Anndrea Hermann (The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, CN): Canada Update: Regulatory Change, Cultivation, Production
  • Rachele Invernizzi (South Hemp, IT): N.N.
  • Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, DE) & Mark Reinders (HempFlax B.V., NL): Cultivation & Processing of Indiustrial Hemp in Europe


Composites & Fibres

  • Mark Reinders (HempFlax B.V., NL): Why you should use European Hemp Fibres for your Automotive Applications?
  • Poonsawat, T. (Kasetsart University (TH) / Graupner, N. & Müssig, J., Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences, (DE): Thai-German Agro-based Fibre Exchange Programme – Sustainable Development: From Plant to Product

Building & Construction

2nd day of the conference (9-17h)

Food Session

  • Rafael F. Dulon (HANF FARM GmbH, DE): Superfood Hemp: Food and Food Supplements based on Hemp Seed, Leaves and CBD
  • Paul Benhaim (Hemp Foods Australia, AU): Australian - Hemp, THC and changing environment
  • Daniela Sfrija (Canah International SRL, RO): Seed Quaility Management

CBD Session

  • Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, DE): Overview on EIHAs latest CBD und THC Publications & Petitions
  • Daniel Kruse (HempConsult, DE): Market Data on Hemp Food and CBD – key Markets and Indicators for a growing Industry
  • Joscha Krauß (MH medical hemp GmbH, DE): Cannabidiol – from Farm to End Product
  • Catherine Wilson (MD CannaWellness Ltd., UK): Hemp for Health - Cannabinoid rich Hemp Food Supplements and raising Industry Standards